Heart of the Matter

Artistic frustration, jealousy and anger inspired this piece. Charged by these emotions the stone dramatically evolved and so did I. Creating this sculpture became a surprising experience of tenderness, appreciation and beauty. A powerful and unexpected inner journey to discovering love.

Introducing … Heart of the Matter.


Inspired by a magical dream of conversations with spirits and angels. Owl, angel protector.

Introducing … Guardian.

Agony and Ecstasy

Delving into the inner chambers of my heart where grief lives, I was immersed in the feeling of loss. Loss of family, friends and lovers. That grief motivated this sculpture. As I worked and cried through the entire process the grief transformed into deep love and gratitude for all the beloved friends and family whose memory and love remain within me always.

Introducing … Agony and Ecstasy.


Working all night under the light of an autumn full moon, this sculpture flowed with ease like the undeniable force of attraction that draws and bonds people together. Lovers who lose themselves and melt into each other to become one. And yet, viewed from the back are seen as individual, strong and equal. Because of the translucency of the stone I almost titled it- ’Into Me You See’

Introducing … Intimacy.

Shakti Sleeps

At eighteen years old I learned to create form by focusing on light and shadow and discovered my love for stone sculpting. This is my first sculpture. She has stayed with me all these years and embodies the precious magic of sleeping potential.

Introducing … Shakti Sleeps.


Through the privilege of carving such a beautiful and rare stone this one created itself. The form is reminiscent of undersea life combined with the stones desert colors. Primal and full of life.

Introducing … Primordial.

Shakti Wakes

For decades I walked by Shakti Sleeps, would pat her head and say out loud, “one day I will wake you up.” This piece is the physical expression of awakening to a creative energy that is no longer dormant.

Introducing … Shakti Wakes.

Small Mighty Goddess

This began as a piece about intimacy between lovers. Now it stands as a woman complete and confident in her own sensuality and power.

Introducing … Small Mighty Goddess.