Jeanne Kidd’s work is available for commission. Commissioned works may take a few different forms: existing designs, evocations of existing designs, or new pieces that find their genesis in emotions, thoughts, or themes. Interested clients will be invited into a collaborative conversation with the artist to delve into design concept and expression.

Personal sculptures are available in marble, alabaster, or bronze.

Public installation pieces are currently available in the Eternal Flame (4’) and Healing Heart (6’) designs, with sizing changes available upon request.

Bronze pieces from the Israel series are also available for commission. Each design is limited to an edition of nine. Each piece is approximately 18”- 24” and is appropriate for a home, office, or garden space. Interested clients can request preferred patina colors on any of the bronze designs.

Commissions will require a 30% down payment, with the balance due upon delivery. Payment plans are available upon request.